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10 Things You Can’t Do Once You Have A Baby… Well Actually Make That 100!

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I have seen the large advertisement each time we go near the Domain tunnel when heading into Melbourne CBD. It features a large warplane (at least that is what I think it is!) and the words ‘Australian International Airshow 2013’ are emblazoned across it. Every time it catches my eye and I tell my hubby ‘Look, the Avalon airshow is on from 1st to 3rd March. We should go there!’

This week at work, I found all my colleagues talking about it. It has been the topic of conversation at many a lunch. People have been narrating their experiences at the prior editions of the show. A female colleague was enquiring about the parking fees yesterday. A senior partner at the firm was heard complaining about the expensive food there (incidentally the guy earns more than a million dollars annually but that, I guess, is beside the point). I checked out the website and gawped at the impressive looking planes featured there. I am not really into planes but I like airshows. I have only ever seen one in my life – a much smaller show near Lake Geneva in Switzerland way back in 2005. I liked that one and so I am sure I will love the Avalon show. This show is a biennial one and as I moved here in late 2011, this is the first chance I am getting to attend.

However despite having a very keen desire to spend a day checking out the spectacular flying displays, I am not going to the show this year. When the Hornets and Raptors zoom across the Avalon sky, I will most probably be at home doing a load of washing. The reason I cannot attend the show this year this is wriggling on the bed right now trying to gnaw on my iPhone. At present my six month old daughter has two pet peeves. She hates going on long drives and she hates being out in the sun. So a three hours return trip to Avalon and an eight hour day spent out in the sun is not a very good idea.

Well, let me just add this to the growing list of the things we have had to give up. On the list, there is already the shelved trip to the Great Barrier Reef. The hiking and camping trips around southern Australia. The much-looked-forward-to dinner and movie outings. The sleep-ins on weekends. Long luxurious baths. Sex of the no-holds-barred variety (we only have the shhh-not-so-loud-the-baby-will-wake-up kind now). Long chats with the significant other about life and everything else under the sun. Empty hours with nothing to do and the freedom to choose between a book, a snooze or the telly.

Life now revolves around THE BABY. She dictates when we go to bed, how much we sleep, when we get to have dinner, what we do on weekends and the other five days, the people we meet up with. She loves to thwart any plans we might be brave enough to make. She will not go to sleep when we wish to catch up on a movie at home, but she falls asleep whenever we have to do an emergency run to the supermarket.

Well, I know I should not complain too much. As people say kids are young only once and I know the next few years will race by. Suddenly my tiny baby will become an independent little person and I will get most of my previous life back. Then I will find myself missing the gummy smiles, the snuggles and cuddles, the smell of milk and talcum powder on baby skin and the nonsensical games we play. I guess I can always go to the airshow then and surely it will be even more fun to go with a child who will be thrilled with all the ‘aewwoplanes’ around!


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