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We moved into our new house in December last year. The months leading up to moving day were pretty hairy. For one, getting a home loan approved is not for the faint-hearted. The bankers kept us hanging till almost the last day. Whoever said ‘In order to get a bank loan, you first need to prove that you do not need it’ was spot on. Once that part was done, there were legal hassles. The land titles document went missing at the vendor’s bank. The settlement got delayed. The couple who were selling us their house were in midst of an ugly divorce so getting them to agree on anything jointly was like extracting teeth. When even all that got sorted out, there was still all the pain of moving of moving – the packing, the cleaning, the disposing, the thousand phone calls to get addresses changed and utilities moved. Once we had moved into the house there was of course the rush to unpack because everyone knows what is not unpacked within the first couple of weeks stays boxed up for the next few years.
Now it has been more than two months that we have been living in the new house. The stairs are beginning to feel familiar. The creaks in the night do not seem that alarming. We know that the hot and cold indicator on the kitchen tap is labelled incorrectly. Waking up in the new master bedroom does not bring the first thought of ‘Oh my god, where am I?’. So all is good. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of work to be done. There is an extra large mirror to be put up, artwork that needs to be framed and hung, the dishwasher needs to be replaced, furniture needs to be bought, some furniture that has been bought needs to be delivered (isn’t it ridiculous that furniture takes 3-4 months to be delivered in some cases? And no, this is normal furniture that I am talking about – we have not ordered for something to be brought in from Mars!). Most rooms are sort of ‘work in progress’ in some way or the other. There is a lot of decorating to be done, so I am scouring around for design ideas and trying to find out the best look I can get within our budget. This bit is seriously fun and I am enjoying every moment of it. Helping me out in my quest are these wonderful apps/sites:
1) Houzz – I love this app and everynight without fail, I look through the latest ideabooks. Some wonderfully talents designers and decorators there.
2) Novica – A wonderful site where artisans from different countries sell their wares and while everything is drool-worthy, I am especially enamoured by their masks section. I so badly want to buy the masks from Mexico and Bali. However I got to know that the Australian customs often levies hefty charges on the items. What a bummer! I wish I lived in America where the customs bit is all taken care of by Novica itself.
3) Etsy – I had always heard of Etsy but never really browsed around much before. Now that I have, I am in love! I have already purchased a number of prints from differnt shops and I am impressed by the professionalism of most sellers who are prompt and kind. The only negative is that not all sellers ship to Australia.
Part of me wants to rush through this process of house decoration so that I have my house decorated just the way I want it and then I can enjoy living in it. But then there is another part of me that is enjoying this whole process so much that I want to stretch it out. Dream some more and shop some more.


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