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My Badge of Mediocrity

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I always knew I was mediocre, average, unexceptional. And prone to self-pity, as you probably can tell. However it was still crushing to have my average-ness certified by a professional. We had this work traits review recently done by an allegedly well-known psychiatrist at work. I use the word allegedly not to malign the good doc but it is just that I don’t hob-knob in those circles and so I have no idea who is renowned or not. Anyways the survey results prove I am neither structured nor flexible but somewhere in the middle of the two. I am neither practical nor creative but somewhere in the middle. I am neither an introvert nor an extrovert but … yes, you guessed it… somewhere in the middle. And so on and so forth. The doctor asked people at the ends of the spectrum to narrate their experiences, their preferences and their troubles in making themselves understood. However I got asked nothing as stories of sane average people are unexciting.
Sigh! All this mediocrity is crushing me.


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