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Recently I have been bogged down with office work, house work, looking-after-toddler work and all other sorts of work. In fact days are so busy, that one day merges into the other without me noticing. At times I have no sense of time passing except when I look at the calendar and actually my tired brain has enough time to register the day or the month. Last week I had a birthday and I am older now. And that has set me thinking – I have lesser time on this planet then before. I have less time to enjoy things and achieve things before I drop dead. My circumstances have not changed. I still have a full time demanding job, a mortgage to pay off, a toddler with her endless questions, a house which is a dirt-and-unwashed-clothes magnet and a garden threatening to overgrow and choke out the sunlight. Don’t get me wrong – I love my job, my child, my crazy and chaotic house and garden. However I have decided I need to get more out of life… by burning the midnight oil, cutting a few corners, somehow! There will be more fun, more hobbies, more time with friends, more everything … starting NOW.
So this is my list of personal things that I will be aiming to do more of (this is not a comprehensive list and will get added to as I find more things that I want more of) –
1) More fitness – I attended a half marathon to cheer a friend 5 years ago. Since that time I have been nurturing the dream of participating in a run myself. However the time never seemed right. But I am happy to say that today I have taken a plunge and enrolled myself in a 14 km run. The prospect is scary for me , because I have never been a runner and many people asked me to cut my teeth on a 5 km run instead. But what the hell … I have decided that I will go for the 14 km one and challenge myself. Watch this space to find out how my training goes.
2) More art – Art (and craft) is what keeps me going spiritually. However in these crazy busy times when I have been drowning in work, art has taken a backseat. So now I have decided to give more time to art. I will make a restart work on the two giant paintings that I have been working on for the last 5 months and done maybe 10% of.
3) More movies/tv shows – This might sound stupid. On self improvement lists, people generally talk of cutting out television. But I am not on a self improvement trip, only an enjoyment one and I really do want to catch up on all those shows and movies that I have been missing. With a toddler, going to the theaters is a difficult of course. So I have decided that after aforementioned toddler goes to sleep, I and my husband will finally get around to seeing all the seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ and the other stacked up DVDs that are brought regularly but seldom watched.
4) More blogging – Yes! I have this whole fat folder of draft blogs that I have started at some point when inspiration struck me but then abandoned due to lack of time. Now it is almost impossible to complete those as I have long forgotten what I had been thinking of in most cases. However I do swear that from now on, I will get back to blogging regularly. Maybe I will do shorter blogs. Or half baked blogs or ones riddled with grammatical errors! Still there will be blogs.


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